Class Descriptions

What sets our classes apart from the rest? In addition to our highly experienced and motivating instructors, the small class sizes allows our instructors to provide the individual attention that has come to be identified as one of many special qualities that Marblehead Fitness Center has to offer! Take our word for it…you will be impressed and motivated while achieving the results that you desire. Click here to see our class schedule.


C3is a cardio strength class that is a high intensity class the rotates through rounds of 10 exercises for 45 second each.

Cycle Fit

(Fast intense training) is a high intensity class that focuses on short bike intervals (3 – 10 minutes) followed by intense core, strength and plyometrics on the floor. Light hand weights and other equipment are used during the floor session. The class is an hour long, the objective it to always stay moving and transition quickly from the bike to the floor.


This class is the perfect balance. Your start off by cycling for 30 minutes and fulfilling your cardio needs and then transitioning into yoga for the next 30 minutes to focus on the flexibility, strength, and sculpting element while leaving the class with a clear mind and a full heart.

Cycle Boot Camp

This class is an interval based class which consists of intervals approximately 3 songs long on the bike and then 2 to 3 off the bike doing strength and core. This class can be moderate or intense depending on your goals and ability. This is a great low impact high intensity cardio class to fit all your needs.

Muscle Conditioning

This class consisting of just weights that focuses on sculpting those problem areas into tip top shape while touch on various areas to create a total body burn.

Cycling Express

This Lunch time special will give you all you need in a quick 30-45 minute session depending on how long lunch is. We have a 30 minute spin followed by 15 minutes of strength and core.

Boot Camp

Early Birds welcome to a great way to start out your day. This class combines all elements of cardiovascular and strength training. Each day is a new surprise. It could be outdoor, indoor upstairs for intervals and strength or downstairs on our brand new cycling bikes. Come try it out. Our new indoor field turf will add a brand new element of surprise.


This total body, high intensity training program, utilizing fighting arts, resistance and body weight masterfully blends the elements of FFIT-fighting, fitness, interval training to help you attain and maintain an improved level of fitness by combining its components such as cardiovascular training, muscle endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, reactions, power, and speed with the grace of skilled fighting arts such as Tae Kwon Do and Boxing. All while being done at various interval training sets.


Cyclelates is the perfect workout for the beginner or intermediate gym goer! We spend 30 minutes on the bike where you can workout at the guided pace, or go at your own pace. The last 30 minutes is a combination of Pilates movements including light weights, bands, or ball work and 10 minutes of stretching. This workout can help balance the body and reduce neck, back, hip and knee pains as each pilates movement is gentle for the joints. Please, don’t be shy! Come  and enjoy the music, company, conversation, and workout!

Core Camp

Core camp involves cardio drills w/ weights & resistance training with a heavy emphasis on abs.


Beauty of movement, athleticism, and achieving your personal best.

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