Meet Our Team

  • Tonya Rockett

    Tonya has been teaching dance, barre, and yoga in her hometown of Marblehead for over 15 years. Her years of dance experience and love for fitness have allowed her to combine her two favorite things, grace and power, into her teaching style. Barre inspires her to share the beautyof movement, athleticism, and achievingyour personal best.

    Tonya is Barre Certified through Exhale.Tonya has completed her 200 hour teaching certification at Empower Yoga. Her goal is always to teach with an attitude of gratitude.

  • Ari Kane

    Ari Kane is a mother of four children ranging in ages from 10-17. Her professional experience includes 7 years in the mutual fund industry with Fidelity Investments and Massachusetts Financial Services. She is a graduate of Vassar College and was born and raised in south Texas. She began a regimen of daily exercise and lifestyle change after an acute illness in 2006. She has been teaching at MFC since 2013. Her certifications include: Spin, R.I.P.P.E.D., & Tread Tabata.

    Cycle, Muscle & Core: This cycle class is designed to deliver a full-body workout & a boost to your metabolism. The class format includes work on & off the bike. All cardio work is done in 2 separate segments on the bike combined with 2 intervals of strength training: one focused on arms using weights & the 2nd portion focused on core strengthening & stability. The class concludes with a stretch & lengthening of your muscles.

    Cardio & Muscle Circuits: This class is structured as a Tabata Circuit with a focus on H.I.I.T.: High Intensity Interval Training. It features 4 rounds of strength & cardio work utilizing various types of gym equipment and MFC’s 25 yard, indoor turf field. Each Tabata Circuit contains 8 stations targeted at all your muscle groups and focused on helping you build strength, endurance & mental toughness. This is a class that any fitness level can leave feeling successful & yet challenged as each individual sets their own pace within the 45 second constraints of the Tabata Circuit; in other words, YOU can set your own pace & goals.

    Personal Approach to Fitness: I believe in making exercise and daily activity part of your lifestyle. Having said that, not every day of the week has to be about huffing & puffing and feeling drenched in sweat. Some days in the gym should be “all out” while others are more for a daily burn striking a balance between building & maintaining. I think of my classes as part of a personalized fitness program and encourage people to take Barre, Yoga, C3, etc. I love training with someone who starts out feeling like: “I can’t Spin” or “I hate Spinning” or “I don’t want to bulk-up” and watching them leave the gym feeling good about themselves & eager to return.

  • Jenny Frontero

    Jenny Frontero is a certified AFAA instructor and has been since 2006. She is also certified in the following disciplines:

    Tread Tabata
    Yoga Certification – 200 hour RYS Yoga Alliance

    In addition to the numerous group exercise classes that she teaches, Jenny is also a personal trainer and has many individual clients.

    Jenny’s fitness background stems from years of competing as a gymnast and cheerleader. She lives in Marblehead with her husband, David, and two children, Sammy and Lily. Her fitness philosophy is, always “mix it up.” Jenny is constantly changing her routines and using different equipment. Her motto is “never get bored.”

    C3: This is a high intensity workout. The C’s stand for Chisel, Cardio, and Core. We perform 12 exercises in each discipline for 30 seconds, each discipline is performed for 2 rounds. We use weights, bands, Smartbells, and exercise balls.

    Muscle Conditioning: A class where every muscle is worked and fatigued to its fullest. We use heavy and light weights, Smartbells, medicine balls, and bands.

    Crank It Up Yoga: A power yoga class that is conducted in a heated room. There is a strong emphasis on strength and core. We use light weights in our yoga poses. It’s power yoga, cranked up a notch.

    C3 Circuit Training: An intense workout using state of the art equipment, including: ropes, weighted balls, sleds, rowers, etc.